Aug 7

Jul 22


Jarboe - Dear 666

How many kisses did I deliver on your scratchy cheek,
Before you kicked me hard in the teeth?
Oh lover, I wept
And you laughed like always.
Just like a beast.
In my capacity as a martyr,
I perform my duties well
Just like a woman should
I stay with you
Because I have fallen under your spell
You’re a charmer
And besides, I can’t run away anymore
Since you cut off my legs
Cross my fingers as you stitch them together
And I give you my shy smile
So I spread my legs
As you stitch my lips together
And I give you my shy smile,
Dear 666
You’re a dirty boy, you’re a filthy boy…

Jul 16

Jul 15

Mon amour, je sais tu m’aimes aussi
Vous avez besoin de moi, vous avez besoin de moi dans votre vie
Vous ne pouvez pas vivre sans moi
Et je mourrais sans toi
Je tuerais pour toi

La danse macabre du Vampire,

La danse macabre du Vampire,

Jun 16

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